May 3rd: It's Galaxy Season! (Postponed due to weather. A new date will be announced Soon)

It's that time of year again!

Galaxy Season refers to the period in Spring when the night sky offers up a slew of incredible galaxies to observe and photograph. From early March until Mid-May, the window of opportunity for night sky enthusiasts is open to those who wish to a wide variety of different galaxies.

Astrophysicist and current Public Relations Officer of the Society, Karl Fiteni will be delivering a short talk about galaxies in general and about his work related to galaxy modeling. This will be followed with an observation of the night skies using telescopes brought over by members of the Astronomical Society.

As always, all those who would like to bring along their telescopes are welcome to do so! We will be present on site to answer questions.

You can find the Facebook Event here in the flowing link

Lastly, this event is only open to members of the Society. Anyone wishing to become a member may do so by simply filling in this form